Trying my best to run an Eeek-o Friendly little business.

I always try my best to make choices that are conscious and sustainable while creating my work, so I want to explain some of the ways in which I do this. I want you lovely spooks to be confident that when you are purchasing from my little shop that there is minimal waste involved.

Your Order & Packaging:

  • I use 100% compostable clear biofilm bags instead of harmful cellophane ones. The biofilm bags are made from renewable vegetable starches! (I have put a link to these below)

  • All envelopes are made of 100% recycled material and are recyclable and where possible the details are printed on instead of using stickers to help cut down on waste.

  • I only use 100% recycled paper and card in my creations (this includes papercuts, banners, bats, prints, paper stickers etc)

  • The free little gifts that I slip into your orders are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials

  • All the tape that I use is 100% recyclable, compostable, and made from recycled materials

  • My prints are now ordered through Awesome Merch who offers art prints on 100% recycled paper.

  • All my shipping labels are printed on recycled and recyclable materials. Most shipping label backing paper cannot be recycled but this material can be composted instead. I get these from Eco-Craft.

Other Eeek-o Friendly Things:

  • Conscious of where/ who I am ordering my supplies from

  • Recycle/reuse all cardboard boxes

  • All paper scraps are composted or reused.

  • I no longer provide packing slips to cut down on paper waste

  • Printer ink cartridges are recycled after use


Clear Eco Biofilm Bags

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