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As this item is my bestseller, 50% of all profits from this item go directly to charity.
This month the charity is:


Wall Decor Flying Bats
Made from Recycled Black Card ♻


These can be attached to the wall with most tape or bluetack (do not use glue)

**These arrive pre-scored for easy folding, but tape is NOT included **


Large Bats
Wingspan: 20cm

Small Bats
Wingspan: 15cm


Includes a little surprise gift!


Due to this item being made from recycled materials, there is a possibility of some minor surface imperfections. However, I hope you still love them just the same! :)


♻ All my packaging is Plastic Free and can be recycled or composted after use! ♻


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Charity Item Flying Bats Wall Decor made from Recycled Card

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